Financial Software Issue-Tracking Solutions

Providing the capability to track issues within a system that provides a high level of compliance, and with full audit capabilities, ExtraView is the perfect issue-tracking solution for financial institutions. Whether your tracking system must conform to regulations, or to internal specifications, ExtraView provides a highly scalable solution.

Audit Control

The ExtraView software product is a comprehensive solution designed to help companies track a wide range of audit-related activities, data and processes. The audit management software provides the flexibility to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits and quality audits. The audit management solution provides end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle including audit planning and scheduling, development of standard audit plans and checklists, field data collection, development of audit reports and recommendations, review of audit recommendations by auditors and management and implementation of audit recommendations and remediation.

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Risk & Case Management

ExtraView provides a comprehensive solution for both risk and case management. ExtraView solutions are scalable and customizable to meet your requirements (and your budget!). Our flexible deployment options allow you to install the software on-site or access the system securely via the web through a premium-level, secure hosted service. This solution enables documenting and assessing operational risks, defining controls, managing audits, and implementing recommendations. The ExtraView system integrates all operational risk management related to a centralized data and processes. ExtraView can store a knowledgebase of risks and their corresponding controls and assessments. Role-based dashboards provide key risk indicators, issue due dates, and remediation plans.

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This ExtraView software solution can help you be more adaptive and proactive by automating processes, documentation and controls to effectively implement a comprehensive enterprise governance, risk and compliance strategy. Trying to manually manage risk and compliance creates inadequate processes resulting in errors and duplicated efforts. ExtraView gives you a global view of the entire organization governance programs while effectively supporting the needs of a single project or department. The ExtraView platform has been designed to be highly configurable and adaptable, so each customer can choose the best solution and workflow to address their problems. Full historical audit trails and reporting are a standard part of the solution, while dashboards allow monitoring on a 24 x 7 basis.

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