The ExtraView Platform - Integration Capabilities

The ExtraView Enterprise platform was designed to be an integral part of the enterprise architecture within your organization. There are many integration points and methods you can use to provide single or two-way integration with other software, whether these are off-the-shelf software products, or software developed internally in your own organization. Integrations are only available with the ExtraView Enterprise version.

Sample Integrations

SCM products Perforce, CVS, Rational Clearcase, SubVersion, etc.
CRM products Siebel, Clarify, Remedy, Salesforce, etc.
ERP products SAP, Oracle, Baan, etc.
Corporate directories LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, SSO.
Database products Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, etc.
Middleware WebTrends, Tibco, etc.
Other LinkedIn, Dropbox, Box, Git, Skydrive, Jira

Integration Points

SOAP Interface This Web Services API adopts the Simple Object Access Protocol for bidirectional communication with the ExtraView server. More than 70 functions exist, to manage issues, reports and metadata.
REST Interface This powerful Web Orientated API offers a rich set of features that use HTTP as a transport to communicate with any other web application. Approximately 70 functions allow the developer to insert and update issues, run reports, load metadata and users and many other tasks. Output is via XML, text or HTML.
LDAP / Active Directory Interface Integrating with a corporate directory to authenticate users and provide information about these users is provided with this interface. Single Sign On servers can be configured on top of the LDAP / AD interface.
Java Custom Programming Interface At a huge number of points in the process of executing code, ExtraView allows the insertion of Java custom code to provide new or altered functionality. Without changing a single line of ExtraView's base code, the product can be tailored to your exact and precise requirements.
JavaScript Custom Programming Interface JavaScript code can be inserted in any input screen form, adding to its functionality. These methods can provide additional functionality such as validation or computation into the screen forms.
Command Line Interface Built on top of the API, this interface provides a scripted interface to provide a higher level integration point. The scripts may be embedded within or called by your own code. All scripts have an interactive mode, making it possible to use ExtraView from a command line, such as Telnet or the Windows command prompt.
Email Through an email account dedicated to ExtraView, new issues can be created and existing issues may be updated. The feature may be customized with additional functionality that parses the incoming email and sets values with ExtraView based upon the contents of the mail.
Active Links Buttons can be created to operate with any field or fields ,so that the user can interact with other applications, sending data to these other applications as updates or to query the remote application.