ExtraView Management Team

Our management and technical staff have deep roots in the product development and support industry. With over 100 man-years of combined experience, they understand the possibilities of technology in the industry, and they know how to listen.

Carl Koppel
CEO and Founder -- Carl has 30 years of executive management experience with software companies. Since the nineteen eighties, he has been involved with Internet technologies working in sales, marketing, operations, technical management, and business development. His experience spans several start-up companies as well as significant multi-national organizations, such as White Pine Software, The Santa Cruz Operation, Ashton-Tate, Peachtree Software, GE, and British Telecom. Carl co-founded ExtraView Corporation in 1999.


Duane Mensinger
President -- Duane brings over 25 years of successful financial and operational experience. Prior to ExtraView Corporation, Duane lead business operations, developed and implemented new technologies and information systems, guided and established business strategies, raised capital, and performed business development and M&A activities at leading companies such as Price Waterhouse, Borland International, KPMG, Netflix (CFO), and Frontline Now (Co-founder).


Allan Rofer
Vice President of Engineering, CTO -- Allan brings over 25 years of experience, 13 at the 'C' level, in engineering management, architecture and design. Before joining ExtraView Corporation, Allan was Chief Product Strategist at World Telehealth Corporation. As Chief System Architect at Visa International, Allan managed key internal infrastructure projects. He performed for five years as a Strategic Planner at Compuware Corporation, served as Chief Architect at Cross Access Corporation and directed Software Engineering at AST Research, Inc. Allan has also held engineering leadership positions at Infodetics, Ordain, CXC, Ryan-McFarland, Pertec, JPL, and Kramer Research.