ExtraView Professional Services

ExtraView Corporation's top-tier professional service teams manage the entire ExtraView implementation process, from requirements definition through the analysis and design phases to implementation, final delivery and beyond. Our experienced teams will help you create and maintain highly efficient workflows and tracking systems that will stand the test of time. Whether you have a basic defect tracking requirement or a multi-corporation product improvement process, ExtraView teams will create a custom, built-to-order solution based on ExtraView technology.

Persistent Research

ExtraView Corporation consistently stays ahead of the current trends and develops solutions for its clients that stand the test of time. We continually research emerging products, technologies and standards to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest and most reliable technologies.

Expert Services in Multiple Technologies

▶ExtraView API

▶User Custom Extensions

▶Integration with Source Control

▶Integration with Testing Systems

▶Integration with Sales and CRM Systems

▶Database Administration

▶All web technologies including web & application servers, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON

▶Virtually all computer languages including Java, C#, C++, Perl, PHP

Professional Training for ExtraView

Professional Services include administrative training and end-user classes for ExtraView. Classes may be held at your site or on the ExtraView Campus in Scotts Valley, California.