ExtraView Web-Based Issue Tracking Solutions

Choose from a variety of pre-configured solutions based on the ExtraView platform or configure your own solution. These provide 'best practice' implementations for issue tracking systems in life science, technology, manufacturing, food safety, finance and other industries. ExtraView has the unique ability to support many tracking applications in a single environment -- each with its own workflow, processes, layouts, security and business rules.


Quite simply, ExtraView can implement any tracking system with your process and your workflow.


ExtraView solutions are available in the cloud, or can be installed on your company's own servers.


Life Sciences - Quality Management & Regulatory Solutions

Whether you are a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, clinical or other life sciences organization, ExtraView’s enterprise platform enables:


  • Automation of business processes/ workflow,
  • Tracking and management of issues, actions, and deliverables,
  • Full audit trail information available through the user interface, and
  • Robust reporting.


ExtraView was designed to meet the needs of companies subject to regulatory oversight. If your company is required to comply with FDA regulations or those of other regulatory authorities, we offer solutions that will meet your business needs and ensure the ability to provide objective evidence of compliance.  Implementations of ExtraView solutions have been and can continue to be validated as part of your IQ, OQ and PQ processes to meet 21 CFR Part 11, 21 CFR 820, and other legal and government regulations.


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Technology & IT - Issue Tracking / Helpdesk Systems

ExtraView enables technology companies to rapidly implement and customize a tracking solution that conforms to any process and any workflow rules. With ExtraView's innovative architecture, you will never be lacking for a feature. Sample solutions include bug and defect tracking, internal helpdesk, customer support issue tracking, managing enhancements, tracking new requirements and change management. All implementations provide for full reporting and audit control needs.


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Food & Agriculture - Quality Management & Regulatory Solutions

Safety of the food supply chain is paramount in every culture and ExtraView solutions are implemented to ensure the tracking of many types of issues that may affect food - from growing to processing to production and to the final distribution of product. Inspections may be scheduled, issues may be tracked from discovery to resolution, all with a complete audit trail and history of each event. Other solutions may be implemented, for example, managing safety issues and ensuring compliance with regulations, whether local, state or federal.


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Finance - Audit & Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Tracking solutions that implement the highest standard of auditability and security are implemented in banking, trading and other financial companies using ExtraView. These solutions offer implementations such as audit controls, IT management and change control processes.


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Other Industries and Organizations

ExtraView is an ideal platform and foundation to implement generalized tracking solutions. Whether your need is to manage your customer interactions or to manage internal issues for your organization, ExtraView has a wealth of off-the-shelf solutions that may be used "as is" or may be adapted easily for your processes and workflow.


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