ExtraView Training

Professional Services include administrative training and end-user classes for ExtraView. One, two and three-day classes are held at your site or on the ExtraView Corporation Campus in California. For complete details and curriculum of each course offered, please click here.

ExtraView End-User Training

ExtraView and ExtraView-based product end user training is prepared jointly with your organization so that an effective teaching session may be presented to your users. Sessions contain information about ExtraView and information about your company's processes. Typically this will be custom built, and will contain screen shots and examples from your customized site. Click here for curriculum details.

ExtraView Administration Training

Designed for the ExtraView administrator who will set up, maintain and enhance your site, this course typically consists of two half-day sessions. All aspects of initial set up are covered, with the focus on designing your screens, layouts, reports and business logic to support the processes of your organization. Click here for curriculum details.

ExtraView API & CLI Training

All aspects of the Application Programming Interface (API) and the Command Line Interface (CLI) are covered in this two-day course. The course leads you through the information needed to use the API and CLI as stand-alone tools, and as bricks in the road to integrating ExtraView with your other enterprise applications. Prerequisites are a knowledge of web-based applications and servers, including HTML and scripting languages such as Perl. Click here for curriculum details.

ExtraView User Custom Training

User custom training will provide your programming team with the skills to program within the ExtraView servlet environment. This programming does not involve altering the base source code of ExtraView, but involves proprietary techniques that allow you to extend and alter the functionality of ExtraView with your own modules. It is with this technique that you can be certain that you can tailor ExtraView to work exactly and precisely as you need, and can integrate with other enterprise applications. Prerequisites for this course are a good knowledge of Java coding. Knowledge of SQL databases and JavaScript, HTML and web-environments are desirable. This is a five-day intensive course with significant hands-on exercise. Click here for curriculum details.