About ExtraView Corporation

Company Vision

Our vision is to be highly valued by all our customers as the leading provider of Issue Tracking, Quality Management, and Workflow software that provides essential services to maintain and operate their companies.

Company Profile

ExtraView Corporation is leading the way in providing a true global issue tracking and workflow system. With hundreds of thousands of users, some of the world's largest companies depend on ExtraView to keep their competitive edge. Customers include: Pfizer, Sharp, Microsoft, Canon, Merck, British Petroleum, Lockheed Martin, Ericsson, GE Healthcare,  BNY Mellon, Dell, Siemens Corporation, The Southern Company, General Dynamics and many others.

In 1999, significantly ahead of all other companies, the web-based ExtraView enterprise software platform was released. As an issue-tracking engine that was easily configured, ExtraView quickly gained traction within technology organizations. Now used across the life science, financial, technology, software and manufacturing sectors, ExtraView ensures enterprise-wide, structured quality management processes, enabling timely resolution for every business improvement opportunity. Its advanced design quickly made it the preeminent Web-based tracking system in the industry. By enforcing a proactive workflow and enabling informed decisions with instant notification and cross-division, online summary reports, ExtraView helps cut unnecessary work, improves response times and ultimately helps a company to deliver better products to its customers.

Our Team

ExtraView Corporation is committed to providing superior customer service with advanced technologies to manage and distribute powerful secure tracking solutions to the most demanding clientele, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week accessibility from anywhere in the world. ExtraView Corporation's management and technical staff have deep roots in the product development and support industry: they understand the possibilities of technology in the industry, and they know how to listen. Utilizing the unique insights of product management, test, engineering, and support professionals, ExtraView Corporation has developed software solutions for the product development and support professional, that forever changes the way that these specialists work. Industry professionals, managers and front line workers can now quickly access a vast array of resources online from virtually anywhere in the world.

A privately held company, ExtraView Corporation continues to thrive. Its number one priority and passion continues to be its customer focus. The Corporation is committed to assisting its customers by implementing web-based tracking solutions that will position them for success, in today's competitive business environment.