ExtraView - Web-Based Quality Management Software Platform

ExtraView was designed to meet the issue-tracking needs of companies, from the smallest to the largest global corporations. First released in 1999, the web-architected product has matured and demonstrated through time and through thousands of implementations that it meets the demands of its customers, no matter how complex. The platform is hugely scalable, operating on top of industry-standard hardware and operating system components. ExtraView is a J2EE software product that does not rely on any proprietary extensions within the supported application server environment.

For a list of the features supported by the ExtraView platform, please click here.

ExtraView Software

ExtraView is a Java-based software program complying to J2EE standards that is implemented as a servlet that resides on a server. It uses a back-end database to store all information. User interaction is motst typically gained via a standard Internet browser. The software is built using industry standards wherever possible. The software is mature and is highly scalable to meet the needs of small to the largest enterprises. Several API's are built into the architecture of the software, enabling connectivity to virtually any other software.


ExtraView is installed on industry-standard hardware. The only hardware limitations are that the database of your choice must be supported by its author on your hardware, and that Java can be installed.

Server System Software

▶ Operating Systems Microsoft Windows
▶ Web Servers Apache
Microsoft IIS

HTTP and HTTPS supported

▶ Application Servers Apache Tomcat
BEA WebLogic
▶ Language Environment Java

Client Software

▶ Microsoft Internet Explorer
▶ Google Chrome
▶ Mozilla Firefox
▶ Apple Safari

Database Software

▶ Oracle (standard edition)
▶ Microsoft SQL Server (standard edition)


ExtraView is architected to be hugely scalable, using a distributed 3-tier architecture. There is full support for multiple load-balanced web servers and multiple application servers connected to a database. The hardware may reside on one or on multiple physical servers. Current customer installations support tens of thousands of users whilst processing millions of issues.

Integration Interfaces

▶ SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol Web Services API. Add and update issues as well as manipulate metadata and run reports with this interface.
▶ WOA / RESTful Interface Web Orientated Architecture API using a REST protocol. Add and update issues as well as manipulate metadata and run reports with this interface.
▶ LDAP / Active Directory Connect directly to a centralized directory service. Includes support for SSO.
▶ User Custom Java A set of Java API's that allow a developer to extend the base ExtraView functionality, without altering any of the base source software of ExtraView.
▶ User Custom JavaScript Extend the ExtraView on-screen forms with custom JavaScript methods to enhance the user's experience.
▶ Command Line Interface (CLI) A Perl-based set of commands that reside on top of the WOA interface, enabling a scripted and Telnet interface to ExtraView.
▶ Email Insert and update issues via a scriptable email interface.
▶ Active Links Any field on a screen form may be flagged with a link, allowing it to be used to call remote applications, passing any number of field values to the remote application from ExtraView.