General Business Solutions

Many pre-configured solutions are available, based on the ExtraView platform. These are 'best practice' implementations for issue tracking systems in every industry -- manufacturing, the life sciences, software development, technology and other industries. ExtraView has the unique ability to support many tracking applications in a single environment -- each with unique workflow, processes, layouts, security and business rules, so you can track any type of issues.

Beyond solutions designed for specific industries, there are many generalized solutions; it is very easy to build your own solutions on the ExtraView platform.

Customer Support

As the leading software customer support solution in small companies and the world's largest organizations, the ExtraView customer support solution features comprehensive customer support management functionality. You can follow any desired process, with full reporting and charting capabilities. Customers may add their own issues or submit them via email. Answers may come from one-on-one communications or from a knowledgebase. Every update is automatically audited so a complete history of each issue is always available. Each screen can be individually tailored to capture the fields needed for your system.

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The ExtraView helpdesk solution is a full-featured solution designed to empower our customers to keep their most important customers -- their employees -- happy, because happy productive employees create and maintain happy, long-term customers. To keep your business running as efficiently as possible, your employees must have quick and dependable resolutions to their support issues and your help desk team must have all of the tools they need at their disposal.

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HR Management

ExtraView's human resource solutions include a rich set of features for HR essentials, with state-of-the art customization tools, workflows, approvals, derived fields, and process alerts. Record, search and store forms electronically. The ExtraView solution empowers HR departments to create their own unique company processes and procedures. ExtraView can be fully integrated into other ERP applications. ExtraView provides real-time dashboards and reporting with security filtered by user role, department and project.

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Change Control

ExtraView's solution for Change Control is designed to help both ISO and FDA-regulated manufacturers automate and effectively manage every step of the change control process, from design through implementation, and verification. ExtraView can integrate with ERP systems to streamline the entire change control procedure for faster turn-around. Real-time reporting allows for escalation of issue and alerts. Capture changes and attach documents to follow SOP's to simplify your process controls. The initiator is asked to evaluate the change in terms of training, validation, and regulatory requirements, prompting risk assessment. The solution may also ask for information such as the classification of the change as a low, medium, or high priority.

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Let ExtraView streamline your entire documentation process to share information with employees, customers, and partners. With a self services web interface, employees can search for related and current information. Allow collaboration with group editing and commenting. ExtraView provides dramatically imroved and efficient communications, in a collaborative and knowledge-sharing medium that present business information and working communications in context, over time. Real-time reporting and dashboards allow users to create their own reports and filter criteria for searches into the knowledgebase.

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Training Management

ExtraView can organize and manage every aspect of employee training including scheduling, conflict checking and attachment of training certificates. Configure ExtraView for reviews, expirations, and assign training requirements by job title, department and facility within pre-defined templates. Training managers can also monitor and evaluate training costs by employee, course and instructor. Create systems that allow organizations to manage training sessions across the organization, including approval processes and scheduling. Real-time dashboards and reporting allow 24 x 7 availably for any critical activities.

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