Technology & IT Software Tracking Solutions

Pre-configured solutions are available, based on the ExtraView platform. These are 'best practice' implementations offering your company a state-of-the-art solution. ExtraView has the unique ability to support many tracking applications in a single environment -- each with unique workflow, processes, layouts, security and business rules.

We specialized in delivering applications with complex workflow that integrate seamlessly into your enterprise.

Bug & Defect Tracking Software

As the leading bug tracking software solution used within small companies to the world's largest organizations, this solution features comprehensive bug tracking and change management functionality, all based on the ExtraView platform. Access & administration is from any computer, anywhere on the Internet. ExtraView allows for full customization of field types, automatic e-mail notifications, user/group/field-level security, role-based workflow rules, custom reporting for different groups of users, built-in dashboards, attachments, a change history audit trail and much more.

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Test Case Management

The ExtraView Test Case Management solution elegantly integrates with other ExtraView solutions. You can use this stand-alone, or in conjunction with bug-tracking and other modules. The solution is pre-configured so that you can be up-and-running within a very short amount of time. You can easily modify the fields within the solution, and alter the workflow for your own organization. The solution scales to very high numbers of test cases under management, and scales to being used by large numbers of your users.

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The ExtraView Helpdesk solution is a high-end solution designed to empower our customers to keep their most important customers -- their employees -- happy, because happy, productive employees create and maintain happy, long-term customers. To keep your business running as efficiently as possible, your employees must have quick and dependable resolutions to their support issues and your help desk team must have all of the tools they need at their disposal.

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Customer Support

As the leading software customer support solution for small companies to the world's largest organizations, the ExtraView Customer Support solution features comprehensive customer support management functionality based on the ExtraView platform. Real-time dashboards and reporting allow 24 x 7 monitoring of critical activities.

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Enhancement Requests

ExtraView offers the perfect platform to centralize interactions with customers, product management and internal developers. ExtraView provides the business user with an intuitive, centralized tracking interface to not only make these requests but allows for the end-to-end process, from submittal, authorization, through fulfillment. For the business, it minimizes cost and latency by orchestrating tasks across several layers within an organization. Requests may be accompanied by images and documents that provide all the specifications for each enhancment. Real-time dashboards and extensive reporting ensure your team is in total control of the process.

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Change Management

The end-to-end process of managing change in your organization is easily managed with ExtraView. Your process to define, agree and authorize changes is accommodated, all with a complete audit trail that allows precise control and feedback of all events. Notification keeps all stakeholders in the loop. Key milestones are monitored with a simple-to-create escalation process.

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Open-Source Code Tracking

Most software development oganizations include open source software in their product offerings, but do you know if you are complying with the myriad of open-source licenses? Do you know the risk of including any specific open source in your product? ExtraView can assist your legal review of licenses and provide information on which to base your decisions as to whether it is appropriate to include a specific piece of open source code in your offering.

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Asset Management

Your corporate assets are valuable and knowing where they are and what issues are connected with them is an important part of the housekeeping of any business. ExtraView keeps control over your assets and can link them to your helpdesk for instant review by your support team. Schedule routine maintenance and report on the value of your assets with this solution.

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Customer Complaints

An ExtraView Customer Complaints solution provides a central and secure platform for receiving customer complaints and storing all documentation around investigation, prevention and correction of problems. You can report and search on any complaints and related data. The ExtraView solution offers the capability to set audit trails and alerts for standard complaint handling through your pre-defined process.

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Warranty Claims

Tracking ExtraView software provides a comprehensive, process-driven solution for managing the complete life cycle of warranty across the service organization. Be proactive with alerts and failure data assuring that the right information is delivered to the right team members. Help reduce risk and costs related to warranty claims. Claims processing, product returns, parts returns, supplier recovery, service level contracts have visibility to workflow and processes. Real-time dashboards and reporting allow 24 x 7 availably for any critical activities.

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