ExtraView Support Software

This is the list of support software that can be downloaded to support your installation of ExtraView. Note that not all the software is required for any installation. This page allows you to download software which is part of ExtraView directly, and points you to locations on third-party sites where you can purchase or download third-party software which may be used with ExtraView.


Web Server Software Instructions are provided to install and configure the Apache web server. If you plan to use Microsoft IIS or another web server, you do not need to download Apache. You should download and install version 2.4, or greater, of Apache Apache download site Microsoft download site
Configuration Files If you are using Apache or IIS, download the workers.properties file, and the extraview.conf file. If you are using Microsoft IIS, you should also download the IIS.zip file workers.properties extraview.conf IIS.zip
Application Server Software Apache Tomcat, or an alternative supported application server that you provide is required. Use the link to download Apache Tomcat. We recommend that you download and install Tomcat 8 for all ExtraView 11.x releases. Apache Tomcat 7 download site
Weblogic download site
Apache-Tomcat Connector To connect Apache and Tomcat together, you will need the Tomcat connector file. This software is required if you are using Apache and Apache Tomcat. The version you require is dependent upon the hardware. Go to the link and download the appropriate version mod_jk.so file for your installation. Apache Tomcat connector
Java Download and install the Java JDK from Oracle. This software is required for all installations. For ExtraView 11.1 and above, you must download the latest Java 8.0 release. JDK 1.8
Database Here are the links to download sites for the supported databases, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. Oracle MySQL SQL Server
Database Setup If you are using Oracle as your database, download the 2 SQL scripts below, to simplify the creation of the schema user and tablespaces create_tablespace.sql create_user.sql
Perl ExtraView has an optional Command Line Interface that requires Perl and some ExtraView specific Perl modules. If you would like to install and use the CLI, you will need to download both Perl and the additional required Perl modules. We support the open source Strawberry Perl version 5.12.3.
The additional modules that are required are downloaded from CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). You should download and install Mail::Sendmail, Mail::POP3Client, Mail::Sender, MIME::Parser, Term:Readkey.pm and HTML::FormatText
Perl 5.12.3 Additional Required Perl Modules