ExtraView Solutions Pricing

For a limited time, off-the-shelf solutions are provided at no cost. The ExtraView download provides three basic solutions, all available as soon as you install the download.

Solution Description
Bug Tracking This is a basic implementation of a bug-tracking solution designed for small workgroups. It has been designed to work with the Helpdesk and Knowledgebase solutions so small companies may have a full integrated system.
Helpdesk This classic helpdesk implementation is designed to accept incoming customer issues and to allow you to communicate to-and-fro with your customers to resolve these issues. Within a technology company, you can turn a customer issue into a bug, defect or feature request so that it may be resolved. Issues may also be published to the integrated Knowledgebase
Knowledgebase The Knowledgebase has been designed to accept direct input, or to accept new items directly from the integrated bug-tracking and helpdesk modules. Issues may be directed through a workflow and then published so your customers may search these.