Self-Guided Issue-Tracking Tours

Many solutions are offered, based on ExtraView technology as pre-configured, 'best practice' solution for life science, software development, and manufacturing applications. ExtraView-based solutions have the unique ability to support many business processes in one environment -- each with unique workflow, layouts, security and business rules. Explore a screen shot tour of the solutions listed below. If you would like a more comprehensive demonstration from an ExtraView specialist, enter a request for a guided tour.

ExtraView Bug / Defect Tracker

As the leading bug tracking solution for the software startup to the world's largest organizations, Bug Tracker features comprehensive bug tracking and change management functionality based on the ExtraView platform.
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Adverse Event Web-Based Software Tracking Solution

Used by the world's largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies, ExtraView is the foundation for global capture, analysis, and resolution of adverse events related to medical device, treatment and diagnostic systems.
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EVP4D Perforce Integration

ExtraView provides seamless and automatic integration with Perforce SCM. EVP4D is a direct connection that utilizes the Perforce API to provide synchronized, two-way data replication between ExtraView and the Perforce SCM system. The integration provides transparent functionality from either environment-- including all Perforce clients, and is highly robust and configurable.
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